My Grandfather at war

Army No: T/14690324 - R.A.S.C

Army Service from
14.12.43 to 15.8.46

At the age of 89 my grandfather passed away, the day was March 2nd 2014 a day I will never forget.

This site is a small part of my grandfathers life and is a work in progress. I have many photos and documents still to process and upload. A lot of pictures not on here yet have been posted on the Twitter account, have a look at the Twitter account here : @GrandfathersWW2

For any enquires please contact us at Or via Twitter

My grandfathers medals

Hereford 1952

National Archives

MOD File

My grandfather :)

Train ticket from Chittagong to Calcutta

Kuala Lumpur 1947

Hathazari Sep 1945

My grandfather and his brother